CIDR Pamiga’s mission is to unlock economic and social potential in disadvantaged rural and peri-urban areas. The organization provides small businesses and households with easier access to markets, finance, energy, water and sustainable agriculture. 

CIDR Pamiga uses an approach centred on two pillars: building long-term partnerships with economic actors financial institutions, small and medium-sized businesses and local authorities and providing clients with advice and guidance about solutions available to households and small-scale producers. 
The organization’s goal is to accompany each stakeholder on the path to responsible, inclusive and sustainable growth. 

Convinced that rolling out agroecological, digital and mobile phone technologies will jump-start development, CIDR Pamiga incorporates digital solutions as early as possible in its development services and programmes. 
This opens the door to speedier and more secure transactions for organizations and people in the ecosystems concerned, facilitates the trade and distribution of goods and services thanks to effective and secure distribution models, and delivers economies of scale.  As a pathfinding entrepreneur in the field of custom solutions to local and national problems, CIDR Pamiga believes in the power of authentic relationships and in the importance of working together to upskill and empower the people and businesses involved in development. 

2019 Annual Report: find out more about our work 

2019 was an eventful year for our teams as CIDR and Pamiga joined forces. The merger provided us with a chance to reformulate our shared vision and revisit our core purpose – a very inspiring experience!  

You can read the results in the 2019 Annual Report. Happy reading!