Services & skills

Support for impact Investments

The Goal

Secure and improve the effectiveness of impact funds. 

The Service

Custom advice and technical services:  access to markets, structuring supply chains, technologies and risk management.


Over 80 development projects delivered in Africa. People at CIDR Pamiga have developed unique approaches and methods that centre on impact reporting and empowering local businesses. Since 2018, they have been deploying their skills in regions where economic development and climate resilience are inseparable: in Africa, South America and Asia.

Specific features

A client-centred approach that aligns the needs of impact funds, territories and beneficiary SMEs to build financial capacity and boost the competitiveness of each stakeholder. 

Technical Assistance for Sustainable Development

The Goal 

Boost the social impact of financial investments, support agro-ecological transition and economic inclusion.

The service

Short- or long-term technical advice, adapted to Financial institutions, SMEs and territories: financial inclusion and digital finance, strengthening value chains, risk management, business development, governance, training and team coaching.


CIDR Pamiga has proven expertise in impact reporting and deploying a variety of technical skills.

Specific features

Agile project management, range of tools for fostering financial and citizen inclusion, a strong grasp of digital opportunities and climate challenges.

Design, organization and promotion of digital ecosystems

The goal

Boost companies’ economic autonomy and help kick-start territorial development.  

The service

Tailored digital platforms that bring together for the first time stakeholders with the skill sets needed to tackle development problems: implementation of technical solutions, new forms of cooperation, adapted services, etc.


An innovation-led actor in rural development, CIDR Pamiga is convinced that digital technologies are key to unleashing economic development in many parts of Africa. It provides financial and non-financial services as well as the energy generated by new synergies, simplifying the process of creating links between producers and consumers — right to the last mile!  

Specific features

CIDR Pamiga is currently the only organization to offer these integrated solutions.

Our skills

Digital finance
  • Market studies/feasibility studies 
  • Diagnosis and strengthening of Management Information Systems (MIS) 
  • Setting up mobile banking solutions and digital applications (smartphone, tablet, PDA, network of third-party agents, etc.)
  • Design of digital finance solutions (selection of technical suppliers, marketing plan design, customised legal and technical procedures, staff and customer training, support for pilot tests and roll-outs)
Social performance management
  • Social and environmental audits (SPI4, Green Index, SBS) 
  • Diagnostics and advice on client-led culture
  • Client and staff satisfaction surveys  
  • Strengthening client protection rules (mechanisms for resolving client complaints, etc.) 
  • Social performance management and strengthening norms (SPM) 
  • Impact Assessments and poverty assessment tools (PPI) 
  • Financial Education (finance and savings, credit management, household budget management, etc.)
Increasing access to energy and water
  • Assessment of water/energy access and finance needs (households and SMEs) 
  • Design of energy/water solutions
  • Training in use and management of energy credits 
  • Agent networks: development of last-mile networks, training for managers and credit agents 
  • Impact monitoring and assessment
Developing resilience
  • Development of inclusive financial products (savings, education loans, financial services +) for poorly-served urban and rural clients and vulnerable people (young people, women and disadvantaged communities)
  • Support for vulnerable people
  • Virtuous funding for healthcare and micro-insurance, health prevention and support for mother and child healthcare
  • Programme to bring people into the green economy (social safety nets)
Development of agricultural value chains
  • Diagnosis of agricultural value chains  
  • Creation of agricultural finance teams within financial institutions 
  • Systems for managing agricultural risks, warehouse receipt and agricultural insurance   
  • Funding instruments (lines of credit, blended finance) 
  • Funding for agricultural value chains (small-scale producers and MSMEs) 
  • Incubators for agricultural entrepreneurs
  • Loyalty contract-based agriculture (fair contracts between stakeholders) 
  • Promotion of good practices for sustainable agriculture and financing
Institutional capacity-building
  • Governance (diagnosis, staff training, tool design) 
  • Risk management: mapping and action plans 
  • Strategic plans: business development, communication, succession plans   
  • Structuring the ecosystem (security plan, policies and procedures, institutional capacity-building)
  • Staff motivation (assessments, training, incentives and engagement) 
  • Change management & transformation management
Support for local authorities to boost local attractiveness
  • Economic attractiveness 
    • Local policies for the social and professional inclusion of youth
    • Promotion of entrepreneurship, incubators 
    • Digital platforms to mobilize local financial resources 
    • Policies to attract companies and skilled workers
  • Social engineering
    • Participative territorial diagnosis 
    • Digital citizen participation (civic tech platform) 
    • Local health, education and professional training policies  
  • Environment and climate
    • Promotion of the green and circular economy  
    • Promotion of agro-ecological and energy transition  
    • Climate Energy Plan 
    • Integrated water resource management 
    • Raising awareness of land management among local communities

Key figures

1 500 000

Clients covered by member MFIs

108 405

People benefiting from improved access to energy

7 565

Local authority clients